Some companies I have worked with …

Some companies I have worked with

“Garry has helped us on a number of high-end millwork projects over the years. His exceptional attention to detail and high quality drawings have helped us deliver beautiful interior spaces to our customers.”

Ryan Wilcox, Vice President, Peregrine Millwork Ltd.

“I have known and worked with Garry Steinhilber (Draftinations) for over twenty years. He has helped me deliver high quality construction drawings for many large and small scale projects. Having someone who knows how to cover all the aspects of a set of architectural drawings saves the project time and money, and makes the design team look great!
I highly recommend Garry.”

Suzanne Gratham, Design Director, Rain City Industrial

“We having been using Garry’s services for years. He helps us with site measuring, and drafting base plans for us to create our interior design drawings. He’s always very thorough and does a great job for us.”

Karen L. Lutz, LEED AP Principal, Tembo Design Inc.

About me:

Garry Steinhilber

My name is Garry Steinhilber and I have been an interior design technologist for 27+ years. I have helped my clients bring their projects into reality. I have helped create amazing spaces such as airports, universities, ski resorts, residential towers, restaurants, hospitals, and corporate offices.

I am here to help you

Contact me and let me help you bring your designs to life. Your future self will thank you.

Contact me at sales@draftinations.com

By mail: Draftinations CAD Automation Solutions, PO Box 34504 Cloverdale PO, Surrey, BC V3S 0A4

Also at LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/garrysteinhilber/