Some companies I have worked with
Some companies I have worked with

Attention Interior Designers!

When it comes to getting your clients to engage with your design, are you having difficulty getting buy-in? Do you have difficulty trying to persuade them to see your design and how it can truly improve their lives? Do they consistently go into cost cutting mode? Do they reduce your well thought out concepts into nothing more than just moving furniture and painting a few walls? Do you want to be more than just a commodity designer competing on price alone?

What if you could make your designs come to life in a virtual 3D world and invite your clients into that world so they can truly experience your vision? What if you could show your clients what you can do for them, all through using 3D renderings and fly thoughs?

Rendering of show suite.

Imagine …

  • getting the client to quickly buy-in to your design.
  • raising your status. Everyone loves brownie points.
  • becoming known for your bold and creative insight.
  • being able to charge premium pricing.

Listen …

You are not a commodity designer. You are not meant to just fill spaces with stuff. You are meant for more.

This is the reality …

The world is rapidly moving forward. Client expectations are increasing. If you do nothing, you will eventually get disconnected from key opportunities.

Your future clients are now expecting 3D visualizations of your design because of what they have seen on home improvement channels.

Sure, you can get by as other designers have by clipping inspiration photos from design magazines, making some concept sketches, or tweaking images in Photoshop. These are fine techniques that have been the mainstay of the design business for years.

The challenge comes when the client wants another view or you can’t quite find that photo that captures your intent.

What if the client says, “Oh, you did the space plan but can you just pop it into 3D so we can look around the space?” I know because this happened to me two years ago.

My story…

Garry Steinhilber

My name is Garry Steinhilber and I have been an interior design technologist for 27+ years. I have helped my clients bring their projects into reality. I have helped create amazing spaces such as airports, universities, ski resorts, residential towers, restaurants, hospitals, and corporate offices.

So when I was working on a private banking office and the client requested a 3D tour of the space, I was not prepared.

I have systems and templates in place to create the working drawings, but I had no system for quickly creating a 3D model and generating photorealistic renders.

Needless to say, that request fell off the table and unfortunately so did the client.

I decided then that I could not let that happen again. I had to understand and master techniques for rapidly bringing an interior design into 3D and create photorealistic ready-to-show-off-to-clients renders.

Rendering of show suite

What this means for you…

Imagine being able to utilize 3D in your designs. Imagine now you have the keys to:

  • Unlock the doors between your vision and your client’s buy-in.
  • Raise your status and command premium pricing.
  • Become known for your bold and creative imagination and insight.
  • Verify your design.
  • Create a nice rendering or fly though for promotion.
Rendering of amenity room

This is the truth…

I really want this for you and for your clients. Since I have used my 3D modeling system I find doors opening up. I have just completed a beautiful realistic flythrough of a beach house I am working on.

That designer’s client was blown away. It gave her such clarity and made decision making almost immediate. That was a nice win!

Rendering of entry stair

It’s your choice …

I know. You can learn this yourself and go it on your own. You can hire in-house staff.

Or …

You can tap into my many years of experience and wisdom and gain the edge you are looking for. Right now.

I am here to help you

Contact me and let me help you bring your designs to life. Your future self will thank you.

Contact me at sales@draftinations.com

By mail: Draftinations CAD Automation Solutions, PO Box 34504 Cloverdale PO, Surrey, BC V3S 0A4

Also at LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/garrysteinhilber/